What is the most important thing you can learn about buying a home?  There is more than one right home for you. 

Reread and remember those two lines.  Some buyers get so overcome with emotion that they become fixated on one particular property that (1) they may not get or (2) for which they pay too much.  There is more than one right home for you.

When you go out looking, try to retain a steady perspective.  Don’t get emotionally involved with the seductive process of buying a home.

Real estate attorneys routinely advise their clients not to fall in love with a piece of property.   “It’s not wise because if you fall in love with a house and then have the inspection and something is terribly wrong, you’re going to want to buy the house anyway, and that may not be in your best interests,” says one attorney.  

However, there is a difference between falling in love with something you’ve seen and recognizing that you could buy a piece of property and successfully live there for whatever length of time.


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