Like the old saying goes, when it comes to home-ownership, the most important thing? Location, location, location.

According to a “”>recent report from, getting their kids into the right school was the top priority for a huge portion of buyers. And those buyers were more than willing to give up other features in order to buy a home in their desired school district.

According to the report, a whopping 91% of buyers with children (and 73% of buyers total) said that school boundaries were “important” or “very important” to their search. And of the buyers that purchased a home in their desired school district, 78% willingly gave up desired home features; like a garage, large backyard, or updated kitchen in order to make sure they got their children into their school of choice.

When you invest in a home, make sure it’s in a good school district, whether you have children or notfor many buyers, it’s one point they’re just not willing to negotiate on